You Do Not Have To Have A Leak To Have A Totaled Roof

Hail damage can not always be easily detected as many times there is not visual damage you can see from the ground.  This storm could have damaged your roof, gutters, exterior trim, and wood fencing. The 3-5 inch diameter hail we experienced may have compromised the integrity of your shingles, and thus affected the life expectancy of your roof.  If you sustained damage to vehicles, skylights, or gutters it is almost a certainty you need a new roof.

In the past year, Right Choice roofed over 150 homes in Coppell from the hail storm that rocked our city on April 13th, 2011. Unlike last year’s storm, THIS STORM IMPACTED EVERYONE IN THE COPPELL CITY LIMITS, AND WAS MUCH WORSE.

Since last night we have already looked at several homes that we roofed in the past few months. These virtually brand new roofs are again TOTALED and will need to be replaced.

We encourage you to immediately contact your insurance company and file a claim. It may take several weeks before they can get to Coppell due to the other areas that have also been affected.

It is imperative to act now. Hail that penetrates your shingles can cause multiple issues, not only can this affect the exterior of your home but also the interior. If the integrity of the shingle is compromised, this can cause water damage leading to thousands of dollars of additional repairs.

A lot of roofing companies will tell you that they will absorb the cost of the deductible. We caution you if you utilize this approach, we strongly recommend you visit so you can be educated on how the process works, to be sure you are not one of these unfortunate homeowners who are affected negatively.

If you have any doubt and would like us to check your roof for hail damage AT NO CHARGE, please call us at 972-745-1888 and we are happy to do so.  Thank you for your continued support of Right Choice & Painting Construction.

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