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When it comes to painting the home, some people are just born with an eye for color, style and what looks best.  They have a sense of what colors would look best in a space or what colors would pop visually.  Luckily, for those of us who do not have a decorator’s eye, there is help!


A good rule of thumb when choosing the right paint is for homeowners to spend time visualizing the feel or mood they are trying to achieve for the space.  Painting can make a space feel cozy, warm, energetic, elegant or bright.  Just simply knowing the feel they are going for will help tremendously when choosing a color.


Find a focal point!  While knowing the mood you want for your space is helpful, having a focal point to start from is great inspiration.  It can be anything, a picture, painting, vase or even curtains.  Often times, having a focal point gives a couple options for colors to choose from.  This is especially true in paintings.  Having a focal point can get the painting process rolling.


Lighting is another great thing to consider when choosing the right paint.  Light affects the way colors look, it can change the color’s tone and hue.  The way a color may look under natural light can be completely different than the way it appears under artificial light. It is a good idea to look at the color selection from all different angle and lights before beginning the painting process.


After these tips are you still having trouble with paint selection?  Let Right Choice Painting help!  Our experts can take into account the feel you have envisioned for your space and make it something you can be proud of.  Call today for your quote.

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