Interior Pre-Painting Checklist

To help guarantee protection of your property, we suggest that you utilize the Right Choice Painting & Construction pre-painting checklist


Please choose your paint and stain colors and contact your sales representative or the Right Choice office at 972-745-1888 with your selection.


Remove pictures, or any other hanging items, from walls and store them in another room while work is being completed.


Please make sure to disconnect all electrical devices (computers, TVs, etc.) in any room that we will be completing interior painting.


Please put anything breakable or sentimental away in a different room.


If you are planning on having your cabinets painted, please remove any items out of the cabinets before we start your interior paint project.


If you are planning on having your closets painted, please take any clothing or any other items out of the closet before we start your interior painting project.


Please ensure that pets are securely put away and cared for so that our team can work diligently and effectively on your interior painting project.



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