When you first decide to explore work to be done in your home, it can be overwhelming; with selections, scheduling, and budgeting. In addition to the stress involved as to who to choose and who you can trust…


We recommend you take the following into consideration when you decide to undertake this project.

1) Figure out the maximum amount money you are prepared to spend so that you can create a “scope of work” or budget.

2) Determine what items are most critical to you. For example, is having a granite countertop more important than replacing the floor tile?

3) We normally recommend that when you do a remodel project you-“do the complete room”. It is more cost efficient for you to do all the work at one time instead of spreading it out over a period of time, and will generally cost less.

4) When you decide what your “scope of work” is, be sure you get an all inclusive proposal that covers everything. From the plumbing, materials, fixtures to the demo, removal, and installation etc.

5) Thoroughly check the contractor’s references. Be sure they have general liability insurance, check their status with the Better Business Bureau, be sure they are bonded, and require them to sign off lien waivers when you fund them.

After these steps are completed, meet with your contractor to ensure that everything that you want to have done for your remodel is included in the proposal.

In most remodel projects there are collateral issues. For example, if you install new granite there is a very good possibility you will need new trim between the counter top and the granite. Another example would be, you most likely will need plumbing work if you install a new under mount sink when you had an over mount. Make sure you have discussed all these scenarios and others with your contractor prior to starting the work.

Be careful you don’t take a low bid and get what we call, “change order to death”. This means adding additional costs to the remodeling project after the contract has been signed. Recently, Right Choice Painting & Construction finished four remodeling projects, all over $25,000, and not a single dollar was spent by the customer beyond the original contract.

Our commitment to you:

1) We offer free color-selection consultation in addition to consultations for floor choices, granite choices, and tile choices etc.

2) We don’t do any remodel work unless we have the right resources of personnel to do the work

3) We respect your home, and it is our intention to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

4) We are determined to make the construction process as painless as possible, and when the dust clears we want you to have a finished product that was your original vision, or hopefully even better!

As a vote of confidence, we have done hundreds of remodel projects ranging from $200,000 to less than $2,000 dollars.

We have finished every project we have started, and we do not know of any customers that have utilized our services in the past who would not have us do another remodel project for them.

We hope that you will allow us to work with you on your next remodel project to transform your home into a showplace.

Let us show you why our name is Right Choice & Painting Construction.